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A Little About Me, Gwen

I am a spiritual bird who happens to be a business school graduate. Far away from these schools' cliches, I am dedicating my skills for the benefit of our world instead of corporations. I believe that my background is an extraordinary tool to help people develop ideas and projects that act towards the greatest good of our planet and its inhabitants. I travel the world, care for animals and the environment while practicing kindness and generosity.

When someone comes to me with a beautiful idea, my creative mind opens to unlimited possibilities.

We have the same goal: to improve this world, shake things up, create movements, raise awareness and consciousness on our planet and around us, create solutions and change, and to make a dent in old ways of existing in the world. We want to make a difference! And so, my primary goal is to make things possible for you and your Visionary Creation in order to change our world for the better. 


People who have visionary ideas are not always business oriented, but everyone needs a strategy to thrive.

It is very often a struggle to find the right strategies and partners to grow.
In my life and during my travels I have witnessed too many people with great ideas struggling and sometimes being forced to abandon because they weren’t supported enough.
What is more disappointing than a beautiful idea that stays an idea and dies because of a lack of a business strategy?
Yes, even the most beautiful idea that has the potential to change the world will always need a strategy to be developed.

This is where I come in as the “helper”. I have gained a lot of experience working with change makers and shift creators, growing their ideas and developing strategies around their visions.

Needless to say, I learned a lot about what it takes to marry our ideals and intentions around improving the world we live in AND becoming successful at it as a business. I have become an expert working with visionaries, their markets, products, and their customer base. I know what it takes and I know the challenges oh so well.

Because of this, my fees are and will always be as fair as possible, no matter if you're just starting out or are an established brand. We discuss your needs and evaluate your budget, and we find the best mutually beneficial option together.

My Background

Graduated from French & Australian Business Schools and the University of UCLA in Los Angeles

which made me an expert at developing business strategies that work efficiently in all fields of activity

For the last 10 years:

Product Manager, Marketing & Communication Manager, Project Manager, Manager

Areas: building industry, software, financing & funds, film productions, infrastructures & businesses

I have helped develop visionary projects of different kinds and volunteered for over 10 years:

Areas: environment, humanitarian and animal rescue foundations, travel, cooking, yoga, spirituality...

Visionary Creations

A platform that allows ME to live my passions:
Helping more people to develop their visionary projects,

Uplift others and the planet!


A platform that allows YOU:

To see your Visionary project come to life and thrive,

Be the change!

My Skills

Creative approach
Think outside of the box
See things others don’t see
Good communication

Driven & passionate
Reliable & efficient
My personal sake and passion is to make your innovative ideas successful.

We share the common goal to encourage conscious change.

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